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Twitter Lending A Helping Hand In The Fight Against Terror

Twitter's anti-terrorism drive has seen the closure of nearly 400,000 accounts in the last year alone. These are accounts that promoted terrorism. Twitter is improving its ability to deal with such cases in speedy manner. Accounts that contain terror supporting material do not have a long lifespan on Twitter. This is thanks to a coordinated effort between users and reviewing teams. The social media site is greatly reducing the number of new recruits that the terror organisations can appeal to. Since the effort began the number of followers that the terrorism preaching accounts receive has greatly reduced.

There is a round the clock effort to discover bad accounts, remove them and keep them from opening new accounts. The system runs 24 hours with both man and machines putting in the effort to counter terrorism.

Twitter uses high tech tools to sniff out sites that are conducting their activities out of the scope of what is deemed acceptable. This gives rise to areas of conflict. It is widely accepted that one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. The issue can be compared to online gambling at legally regulated and trustworthy online casinos. Gamblers play online casino games such as Online Roulette also known as Roulette en ligne in France, slot machines and online scratch card games.

Whether the online casinos (casinos en ligne) are a welcome boost to a nations revenue collections or they are a menace to society is up to the view point of the observer. Twitter is working with several other online groups that are fighting terror online. These organisations are some of the biggest names internationally in the fight against extremism. They include True Islam in the United States, the Sawab centre in the UAE and Imams Online in the UK.

The fight is a tough one as Twitter has to strike a fine balance between preventing the platform from being a stage for inciting violence and upholding the freedoms of the Internet.