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Understanding Poker Lingo

Before you start playig in your next online poker game, get a handle on some of the more frequently used words experienced players use:


There are 2 meanings for this term:

(1) It infers the opportunity to take action. If you do not realise it’s your turn, for example, the Dealer will tell you that it is your action.

(2) It can also refer to Bets and Raises. For example, if a 3rd heart hits the board and there’s plenty of Action, you have to presuppose that someone has made the Flush.


This phrase will be used when you catch both the Turn and the River card and make a Drawing Hand. For example, suppose you have an Ace and a 7. The Flop comes as Ace, 6, and 4, you place your Bet. The Turn is the T, which everyone will check, and the River is the J. You have made a Backdoor Nut Flush.

Bad Beat

This is when you have a Hand that is a big underdog beat a heavily favoured Hand, and is mostly used to refer to someone managing to win the Pot that had no business being in the running for it at all. It refers to wild luck, a Player who has somehow managed to receive the 1 card that will win him or her the Pot. You will hear this phrase many times during your poker playing career at 1 of the NZD casino sites that offer this exciting game.


This refers to a Player putting an amount of money into the Pot that is the same amount as the most recent Bet or Raise. Players can also say that they see a Bet, since this is regarded as colloquial.

Calling Station

A Calling Station is a weak or passive Player who Calls a lot, but does not Raise or Fold as frequently. These are the best kinds of Players to be up against.


A Cap is when you put in the last Raise allowed for a Betting round, most typically the 3rd or 4th Raise. American Dealers have been known to use the phrase Cappuccino or Capitola to indicate this occurrence.


The Dealer in a poker game is one who is in charge of handing out the cards. When professional Dealers, or automated Dealers, are involved in a game it is obligatory that the player dealing the cards be indicated, because the Blinds and Bets take place to the left of him or her. Usually this is done by making use of a marker called a Dealer Button, which will travel around the poker table in a clockwise direction, moving on to the next Player once each round has been completed.


This is a shortened form of the word Underdog.

Dominated Hand

This is a Hand that will very likely to lose to another, but one that Players will usually play anyway. For instance, a King 3 hand will be dominated by a King Queen. With the exclusion of unusual Flops, like, for example, a 3-3-X, K-3-X, the King 3 will always lose to the King Queen.